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   4-11-04 Chain Lashing Accident

   So, we ( Sackett and I) were out riding today, and we were actually on our way back
   home from cruising Stockton. I was riding down this one country road going about 50 or
   so, then clack, whip, and rattle. My chain came off. This is actually the second time it
   has happened to me, so I knew what was goin on. I pulled the bike over and ran over to
   grab the chain. Upon returning to the bike, I saw oil gushing out from under the lowers
   which made this large black puddle underneath the bike. Sackett finally caught up to
   where I was and said he heard something metal come off my bike at the last turn, so he
   went to find what it was. I found the master link near the chain, and it's mangled.
   Sackett returned with the gold outer link part which was laying in the road at the last

   Anyways, it looked like when the chain came off, it lashed the crankcase, breaking off
   some part and that's where the oil came from. Although that's the worst part, it's not
   all that got damaged. My rear hugger got smacked, which broke a part of it off. The
   chain met up with he under tail and the swing arm also, which is visible in the pictures
   below. I will be calling my insurance tomorrow and seeing what my options are.

   The first time my chain fell off, it was because my clip was on backwards. After getting
   a new master link and clip, I had it installed the proper way for about 3 months now. I
   have no clue what might have caused the master link to come off, but that's definitely
   what happened.

   Air filter change
   Yamaha Part # 5EB-14450-01-00
   (Bought from partsfish.com for 39.95)

   Pitbull front & rear stands are the only way to go.
   (Bought the rear stand from Roseville Cycle Center for 150.00)
   (Bought the front stand from hardracing.com for 149.00)

   36mm 1/2" drive socket for steering stem nut.
   (Bought off ebay for 9.95)


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